Our Expertise

Technical Management

At VSM Marine, we pride ourselves on the robust technical foundation forged from decades of experience at sea and on shore. As former insiders, we understand more than anyone the intricacies of ship management and the critical importance of maintaining operational excellence onboard. Our technical team is uniquely composed of experts based in both Vietnam and Singapore, elevating VSM Marine's technical management services to a global scale.

VSM Marine currently holds Documents of Compliance (DOC) for managing chemical tankers, tankers, bulk carriers, and general cargo ships, certifying our unwavering adherence to international safety and pollution prevention standards. Our professional Safety Management System (SMS) ensures that every vessel under our care operates at peak efficiency and safety. We follow strict protocols and provide ongoing training to meet global standards.

Our comprehensive range of services includes:

Maintenance Planning: We create tailored maintenance schedules for each vessel, ensuring regular inspections, servicing, and upgrades of critical systems like engines and navigation, reducing the risk of breakdowns.

Regulatory Compliance: We ensure all vessels comply with SOLAS, MARPOL, and ISM Code standards. Our team stays updated on regulations through continuous training and industry certifications, implementing changes promptly to avoid non-compliance.

Emergency Response: Our 24/7 emergency response team swiftly handles mechanical failures, environmental incidents, and safety threats. Our experienced and trained professionals minimize disruptions and ensure crew and vessel safety.

Procurement and Inventory Management: We procure high-quality parts and supplies, ensuring critical components like spare engine parts and safety gear are always available. Our efficient inventory management reduces downtime and operational delays.

Performance Monitoring: We track vessel performance regularly to identify issues early, optimize fuel efficiency, and reduce operational costs.

Cost Management: We minimize costs through cost-effective solutions and detailed financial planning. Our transparent reporting and expense reviews help shipowners control expenses while maintaining high operational standards, with proven fuel optimization strategies yielding significant savings.

VSM Marine’s commitment to excellence drives every aspect of our technical management services. Our proactive approach minimizes downtime and operational costs while maximizing safety, ensuring that your vessels are always ready to sail.

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