Our Expertise

Ship Inspection

VSM Marine offers a comprehensive range of ship inspection services to ensure the safety, compliance, and efficiency of your vessels. Our team of experts is dedicated to providing thorough and reliable inspections, covering every aspect of maritime operations. Our services include:

• Flag State Inspections
Our Flag State Inspection services ensure your vessel complies with annual safety standards at any port. Our experts conduct thorough assessments and optimize management systems for superior performance and compliance.

• Charterer Inspections
We provide timely Charterer Inspection services, evaluating the ship's condition and management systems to meet charter party requirements. Our assessments help charterers make informed decisions, ensuring successful voyages.

• Pre-purchase Inspections
Our Pre-purchase Inspection services offer comprehensive evaluations at competitive prices, aiding clients in strategic ship purchases. We assess vessel conditions, technical management, and chartering capabilities, backed by standardized reporting and extensive industry experience.

• Safety Condition Assessments
We specialize in Safety Condition Assessments, focusing on maintaining and enhancing vessel value. Our inspections identify safety issues and provide actionable solutions for optimal operation, combining effective shore-based and shipboard management practices.

• Pre-vetting Inspections
Our team prepares your vessel and crew for major vettings like SIRE, CDI, and RightShip. We address and eliminate potential issues, ensuring your vessel and staff are professionally presented, facilitating successful vetting results and compliance with industry standards.

• Internal Audits
We conduct detailed internal audits to assess the effectiveness of your vessel's operational and management systems. Our audits help identify areas for improvement, ensure compliance with industry standards, and enhance overall operational efficiency.

• External Audits
Our external audit services offer an independent assessment of your vessel's operations, safety management systems, and regulatory compliance. We provide detailed reports and recommendations to help you maintain high standards and meet all regulatory requirements.

At VSM Marine, our commitment to excellence drives every aspect of our ship inspection services. We pride ourselves on delivering thorough, reliable, and professional inspections that ensure the safety, compliance, and efficiency of your vessels.

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